Budding Coders in First Grade + Coding Resources


 “The Hour of Code is at its core not about learning a brand new skill in just one hour. One hour isn’t enough to learn how to code. It’s about increasing access to computer science by breaking stereotypes and opening doors.” –Code.org

At Stone Ridge, we participated in the Hour of Code last week. There were many goals in taking part of this, as pointed out above by Code.org, but in my mind, it’s really about helping our students realize that computer programming is FUN. We want to make sure that our youngest students are exposed to coding so that in a few years when they are presented with a computer science challenge, they will think, “hey, I can do that and it is FUN!”

First graders had the opportunity to build on their coding skills they were developing in Science through the use of the app, ScratchJr. After successfully learning how to use this app, they were introduced to a second coding app, Daisy the Dinosaur. Through the completion of puzzle-like challenges, students were asked to transfer their knowledge of coding gained from ScratchJr to the use of this second app. As students noticed, there were some similarities and some differences.

Although this is just the beginning of what is hopefully a long coding career for these girls, it was evident that these early experiences have certainly been positive and FUN!

Looking for coding activities for your students? Here are a few to get you started:

Apps Websites
ScratchJr Scratch
Daisy the Dinosaur Code.org
Cargobot Tynker
Hopscotch CodeMoneky
Tynker Lightbot
Move the Turtle Made with Code