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From Green Screen to Nile News

The following is a post from Rick’s MS EdTech blog. I absolutely love what the middle schoolers did using the green screen, so I thought I would share the idea and the great insight Rick also provides. We could easily do something similar with lower school students…weather forecasts, conversations in French in front of the […]

Sorry Dad, But “Flipping” Wasn’t Around When I Learned Math

Let’s play a little game of “this or that:” Would you rather this scenario? Young Julia sitting with dad being taught math concepts that I was supposed to have mastered during the short class period well enough to complete challenging practice homework. Countless hours of my dad’s time + endless frustration + tears = an […]

No Longer a “Crime”

In response to some recent research that has been publicized, I thought I’d share a note that I sent to my brother and sister-in-law who have an almost 4-month-old baby: Hi guys! Thought I would pass this along since there is always such debate about the appropriate balance of screen time with infants/toddlers (and, well, […]

Blogs for Enhanced Workflow in Grade 4

Grade 4 teachers have really hit the ground running with using the Chromebooks to enhance the daily learning experience. The catalyst for this is the blog that was created to help with workflow; they use it to share step by step directions (which are especially helpful for those who struggle with multi-step directions), links to learning […]

Book Spine Poetry

Here is a fun idea to help celebrate National Poetry Month from School Library Journal: book spine poetry! Caroline Fiztpatrick actually shared this with me because she did it with her US students, and you could just as easily create book spine poetry with younger students, too. Find books, arrange in a stack, and snap a […]

Minions, Spider Man, and a Lesson in Digital Citizenship

Earlier today, I taught a lesson on digital citizenship in Mary Sheila’s fourth grade classroom. It is a lesson that I adapted from Common Sense Media’s lesson, Super Digital Citizen. I took inspiration from Common Sense Media –a leading source in all things digital media, technology, and using it safely– and then beefed it up […]