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Have you noticed…

…this bulletin board outside of Ms. Kwan’s classroom?! For most of you, I am guessing that the answer is yes. But have you wondered how students actually created this research project?¬†Simple! After completing research on an Australian animal, students typed up what they learned in Evernote. They then used Doodle Buddy to draw the life […]

Technology & Academic Choice in Grade 3

We have learned that a key Responsive Classroom (RC) strategy for motivating and maximizing student learning is Academic Choice. According to RC publications, “Academic Choice is a way to structure lessons and activities. [Teachers] decide on the goal of the lesson or activity, then give students a list of options for what to learn and/or […]

Creating Shared Evernote Notebooks Between Elementary Students & Teacher

This task– creating a shared Evernote notebook between students under the age of 13 and their teacher– is not as easy as it sounds. Trust me, I have lived it, shaken my fists at it, and eventually conquered it (wohoo!). I wish I was able to find a blogger that had documented this process before […]

Memorizing the Apostles’ Creed Using QuickVoice

Although I’m not a huge fan of rote memorization, there still is the need for students to memorize certain facts and content. Exhibit A: memorizing the Apostles’ Creed in a Catholic school. The backstory: Students in the 3rd grade were recently charged with the task of memorizing the Apostles’ Creed. A few days after this […]