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Fun App for the End of the Year: ChatterPix Kids

Let’s be real. It’s that time of year when you are looking for fun activities that will keep students engaged and out of trouble! Enter ChatterPix Kids. This is one of my favorite apps because it is so easy, FUN, and can be used in super creative ways. Essentially, you can make anything talk! Kids love it. As […]

Publishing Non-Fiction Writing with Educreations

First graders have been working very hard on non-fiction writing during Writer’s Workshop. Once they published their books on paper, they used Educreations to create a digital version to share with a wider audience. All we did was use Educrations to take photos of each page and then students recorded themselves reading their book. A […]

An Easy Way to Add Depth to a Poster Project

Oh, the classic poster project. Students have fun making them, they are creative, and learning can easily be shared with a larger audience. The drawback is, however, they are traditionally pretty one dimensional and can be a challenge to show student thinking and deep understanding. The solution? Add a video using a QR code to […]

Digital Double Decker Bus Addition & Subtraction

The Kindergarten teachers are using one of Cathy Fosnot’s units to teach addition and subtraction in a way that encourages a deep conceptual understanding of the content. Here is a bit of background on this particular unit from the Context for Learning Mathematics website: The Double-Decker Bus, the story of a little girl’s efforts to count […]

My New Obsession: Sock Puppets

They [kindergarteners] were not shy speaking French because actually, the sock puppet was the one speaking – not the child! And we loved watching the movie afterwards.  – Madame Winter, from her blog I am in love with the app, Sock Puppets! It is so simple, but still a FUN way for students to explain […]

2nd Graders “Wonder” in the Library

In the library, second graders have been working on generating “I wonder” questions and making predictions about the answer. To practice this process of wondering and predicting, Mrs. Norris (our superstar librarian) used the iPad app, Educreations, with students to demonstrate their thinking. Last class, students came up with “I wonder” questions about the Leo […]