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EdTech Tools: 6 Oldies but Goodies

These are 6 tools that have been around for a while. Sometimes, however, we get distracted by all the shiny new tools and forget about the proven veterans of the EdTech world. For this reason, I thought I’d bring back some of the tools that have withstood the test of time while showcasing a newer tool, […]

Create Interactive & Differentiated Lesson Paths

As promised last post…Symbaloo Learning Paths! This video can explain this tool way better than I can: Features that make this tool shine: Embed all kinds of different content and activities (videos, webpages, quizzes, Padlets, etc.) in a linear fashion Share the lesson path directly to Google Classroom with a click of a button Track student […]

30 Visual Writing Prompts {& A Sneak Peek}

Get those creative juices flowing with this fun set of visual writing prompts. There are all kinds of these out there, but I chose this one in part to highlight a new tool, Symbaloo Lesson Paths. I’ll let you do a little exploring on your own when you check out this collection of prompts. Next […] Just a drawing tool or something more?

Why it’s something more of course! I love having this bookmarked and easily accessible for those times that I want to quickly jot down ideas from a brainstorm, illustrate a process like solving an equation or have student practice fine or gross motor skills. Plus, its icon is an adorable owl and you all know […]

Dreambox Interactive Tools- Where have you been hiding?

Did you know these existed?! I stumbled upon this hidden gem and had to share immediately. Dreambox has a not very well advertised collection of interactive teacher tools that are perfect to throw up on the Promethean Board as a center or for whole group instruction. The tools are sorted by grade (K-8), come with […]

Assessments Just Got Better with Formative

Formative is a really exciting tool that allows you easily create assignments, assess students, and get live results. This is an incredibly robust tool with lots of functionalities. Instead of me trying to sum them up in a few concise minutes, I thought the creators of the tool could do it much better than I […]

Bitstrips: “This was the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!”

Bitstrips for Schools is a comic creation tool that gets rave reviews from the 4th graders. So much so that one girl proclaimed, “this was the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!” (And yes, she did use that many exclamation points in her comment.) As a teacher, you can very easily create a classroom in which you can see all […]