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Why it’s something more of course! I love having this bookmarked and easily accessible for those times that I want to quickly jot down ideas from a brainstorm, illustrate a process like solving an equation or have student practice fine or gross motor skills. Plus, its icon is an adorable owl and you all know […]

Bitstrips: “This was the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!”

Bitstrips for Schools is a comic creation tool that gets rave reviews from the 4th graders. So much so that one girl proclaimed, “this was the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!” (And yes, she did use that many exclamation points in her comment.) As a teacher, you can very easily create a classroom in which you can see all […]

We Want Word Clouds!

  Today students in 4W(H) created word clouds about themselves using the app, Word Clouds by (there is also a web version available). Prior to the lesson using iPads, students worked with a partner to identify adjectives that described themselves. Once the lists was created, it was time to bring in the iPads. After a quick mini-lesson […]

Resources for Celebrating National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month. To celebrate, Scholastic has a poetry webpage with several resources to help inspire creative poetry writing in students. Students can learn to write poems with 3 acclaimed writers using their step-by-step workshops or create poems using the interactive Poetry Idea Engine. Find a description of each resource below: Poetry Idea […]