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Why it’s something more of course! I love having this bookmarked and easily accessible for those times that I want to quickly jot down ideas from a brainstorm, illustrate a process like solving an equation or have student practice fine or gross motor skills. Plus, its icon is an adorable owl and you all know […]

Dreambox Interactive Tools- Where have you been hiding?

Did you know these existed?! I stumbled upon this hidden gem and had to share immediately. Dreambox has a not very well advertised collection of interactive teacher tools that are perfect to throw up on the Promethean Board as a center or for whole group instruction. The tools are sorted by grade (K-8), come with […]

Illuminations: Resources for Teaching Math

Lesson plans + interactives searchable by grade and aligned to standards (Common Core Math Standards & NCTM). It’s a math teacher’s dream come true! Dream no longer, because this is what you get over at Illuminations, a project designed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). What are you waiting for…go check it […]

Yours truly is now a PME (aka Promethean Master Educator)!

Our EdTech team is getting Promethean Master trained today! #edtech #promethean — Stone Ridge (@SRAdmissions) September 16, 2013   After 3 loooong days of training, I am now certified as a Promethean Master Educator! Besides the fact that I can use a sweet abbrev. for my certification, this has fabulous potential for our community. […]