An Easy Way to Add Depth to a Poster Project

Oh, the classic poster project. Students have fun making them, they are creative, and learning can easily be shared with a larger audience. The drawback is, however, they are traditionally pretty one dimensional and can be a challenge to show student thinking and deep understanding. The solution? Add a video using a QR code to […]

EdTech Tools: 6 Oldies but Goodies

These are 6 tools that have been around for a while. Sometimes, however, we get distracted by all the shiny new tools and forget about the proven veterans of the EdTech world. For this reason, I thought I’d bring back┬ásome of the tools that have withstood the test of time while showcasing a newer tool, […]

Create Interactive & Differentiated Lesson Paths

As promised last post…Symbaloo Learning Paths! This video can explain this tool way better than I can: Features that┬ámake this tool shine: Embed all kinds of different content and activities (videos, webpages, quizzes, Padlets, etc.) in a linear fashion Share the lesson path directly to Google Classroom with a click of a button Track student […]