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Greetings! You probably see a Google Doodle once or twice a day, but don’t realize what it is. Google Doodle is the graphic that goes above the Google search box when you type For the most part, it’s just an image of the word Google that has interesting artwork or stylings that honor a specific birthday or discovery or landmark occasion. The Google Doodle above was shown on October 31, 2010 honoring a 17th century woodcut piece of art. Here’s a link to 23 memorable Google Doodles – link from

Today, however, like many Google Doodles, it’s more than artwork. To honor what would have been Maya Angelou’s 90th birthday. You can either just type in or go to this link, It’s the reading of her iconic poem, Still I Rise heading up the page on this 4th day of April. I think it is poignant that it is also the Google Doodle on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jrs. assassination.

If you have an five extra minutes and want your girls to listen quietly to a beautiful poem, I recommend, turning down the lights and clicking on this Google Doodle and let the words speak for themselves!

Enjoy at your own peaceful risk!

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