smiley-163510_1280Greetings and hello after a long hiatus. End of year, summer, start up of the new year has found me in the trenches and unable to reflect or find things to write about. You know – life gets in the way. I hope it was an eventful summer and fall for you all.

I’ve just had a birthday, so you’ll excuse me if this post veers into reflection or big ideas. Birthdays have a tendency to do that.

Another big milestone for me is that this is the first job in education where I’ve begun a sixth year in the same place. In my teaching infancy I found it refreshing and mentally necessary to seek other teaching positions around every two to five years. Sometimes, this was a necessity as my wife’s job changed or the commute was a drag, but I know that my mind and body nudged me to move on in a semi-regular basis. Let’s see, The Bronx New School, TW Miller Elementary School in Wilton, CT, Loudon Country Day School in Leesburg, VA, The Langley School in McLean, VA, Flint Hill School in Oakton, VA, and now Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Bethesda, MD. Whew!!!

Perhaps it’s my age and the phase of my life that I’m in, but I seem to want to stick things out and see what the future brings with Stone Ridge. I’m inspired by inspiring teachers who are exciting and and helping their students become thoughtful, caring, and inspiring themselves working for 15, 25, even 40 years at this wonderful institution. I would love to continue to do the same for the foreseeable future here at Stone Ridge.

I don’t ever want to stay someplace where what I do is stale and non-changing. I’m a bit older, perhaps a bit more crystalline in my thinking, but I hope to continue to support students and teachers as they become more and more tech-savvy, tech-intelligent, and yes, even tech dependent. There’s no putting all of this tech stuff back in the tube.

I’m appreciative to have a director of technology and innovation who had the vision six years ago to develop an program that has had an exponential impact on how the community of SR views and uses technology. Add to that a supportive and incredibly talented and caring ed tech team, as well as a responsive and deeply committed IT staff and you have the perfect edtech team. For many years in education I felt that eventually someone would figure out that I had no idea what I was doing. Entering my twenty-fourth year of teaching, I have to finally give way to the notion that I know what I’m doing and that I must do it pretty well. I work for and with an incredibly committed group of middle school teachers, from newbies to experienced well beyond 25 years and more, that appreciate what my role is here and actually like seeing me when I pop in! I’ve learned so much from them and I hope I’ve helped move each of them into a more technologically comfortable space.

So, join me as I enter this next phase of my journey – the first year after the fifth year of my time here at Stone Ridge! So much more to come.thank-you-407397_1280

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