poolAs teachers, we teach because we love working our charges to learn and grow and amaze us. We hope along the way that we amaze our students here and there. After all, we teach subjects in which we are experts, so at times our girls should be enthralled by how well we know our subject matter.  There are so many more reasons why each one of us teaches. This video link from https://topnotchteaching.com shares eleven reasons why we love teaching. The author of the website is a primary school teacher/specialist – reminds me of  “Everything I Ever Needed to Know I learned in Kindergarten.” Wisdom comes from teachers who teach our youth, as well as the seasoned and longtime educator!

As I watched a varsity soccer game after school last week with a high school peer, I was feeling pretty good about how the year had started (always different, always filled with new things, always exciting, regularly draining). As I sat there enjoying the game, it was clear that although my high school counterpart was enjoying supporting her girls, she shared that she just needed to take a break from the report cards and comments that she was writing for the first quarter. That took me aback because I was just settling into the new year. She wasn’t complaining, just sharing what it is to be a teacher at a rigorous and effective high school in the DMV. There is no downtime. We do what we do because we know that we won’t be coming up for air as soon as the year starts!

I do think this video would be worth viewing whenever we as teachers feel overwhelmed – when we feel like there’s know getting off the conveyor belt until June! Enjoy, take a deep breath, pause, refresh.

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